The Kosher Review is live!

The Kosher Review is live!

What does Kosher mean to you? Chances are if you are reading this, it means a lifestyle choice. Keeping kosher may have been something that you’ve done since before your first childhood memory. Or perhaps it’s a recent undertaking. Either way, it takes effort, pre-planning and plenty of thought.

That said, a kosher lifestyle can and should be enjoyable. Kosher restaurants are on every street corner in certain parts of the world and it’s relatively easy to pick up a kosher product at a supermarket. The choice available today is incredible, compared to twenty years ago.

But for some, that isn’t the reality. Those living in outlying areas, or in countries where certified goods don’t have such a great market, struggle to achieve a good kosher experience.

Another area which presents a challenge is travel. Do you know which facilities exist at your destination? Will they meet your standards and expectations of kashrus, price and service?

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The Kosher Review is here to help you discover, explore and learn about kosher experiences.

We’re all about making kosher fun and informative.

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What’s in the pipeline?

For the launch of the website we have focussed on Restaurants and Products. We have plans to expand into many more areas in the very near future, including travel, shopping, service providers and more!

In the meantime, browse around, leave reviews and help grow this amazing community of worldwide kosher consumers so everyone can benefit from the wealth of knowledge out there.

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