A cultural experience in Milan

A cultural experience in Milan

What do you get when you combine Lebanese hospitality with Italian class? Carmel!  This gem in the centre of Milan is the brainchild of Marie Aminoff, who brings her heritage to your table.

The restaurant itself is full of character, friendly and welcoming, even featuring a mini library – perfect for a get together with friends or a slow meal.   You will want to take it slow because the food is simply delicious and you will have a hard time limiting yourself choosing dishes from the extensive menu. 

Carmel serves up fragrant Lebanese dishes alongside classic Italian dishes such as pasta and pizza.  Classic but not ordinary.  Mamma Mia, tantalizing ravioli made in house from scratch is a must try!

We sampled the spinach ravioli in a buttery glaze as well as our favourite, the Ravioli melanzane, a homemade eggplant ravioli with cream, mushrooms and aubergine that simply melts in your mouth.

From a selection of pizzas, we settled on trying a Lebanese speciality, Manaich zaatar as well as a more traditional option, the Pesto Rossa Pizza – a delicious combination of tomato, pesto and mozzarella.  The pizza base was beautifully thin and crispy and the toppings full of flavour – the perfect pizza.

Fresh fish or falafel, this place really has it all.  All dishes are perfectly cooked, flavoured and presented.  And make sure you leave room for dessert…