The Kosher Review guide to writing reviews.

The Kosher Review has compiled a list of pointers and tips to help you write meaningful and useful reviews. We have consulted with business owners and consumers alike, to find out what makes a review helpful and informative.

This is what we found:

Start with the main points….

1. Summarize first . Readers will look at the headers and stars before reading the review.

2. The five W’s . Where and who are already dealt with, so cover the other three. What you did, when you were there and why you would or wouldn’t recommend it.

3. Highlight the main points . Regardless of what you are reviewing, readers will want to see the main points first. How was the ambience? Was it conveniently located and easy to find? Did you get value for your money?

Add the extras….

4. Give more details . Go a bit further and describe which aspects stood out, and what made it a unique experience for you. You can talk about which points you like or even disliked. Most importantly, keep it factual.

5. Writing skills . Now’s the time to put those English lessons to work. Use good grammar, spelling and sentence structure. Readers don’t like reviews that are hard to understand. Try not to get too technical or use jargon that may be appealing to you but not so much to everyone else. Proof read your review before publishing. 

6. Go that bit more . Add helpful points and tips that will give others a better experience. For example, what is the restaurant’s signature dish? Which time of the day is the busiest?

7. Bring it to life . Upload quality images so nothing is left to the imagination. Nothing says it more than a great picture. See our dedicated page on upload rules. 

Keep it pleasant.

8. Don’t have a rant . Your experience may not have been a good one (hey, it happens) but that doesn’t mean you need to let off steam. Think about the tone you are using and how your review comes over to readers before you submit it. Consider drafting it and then coming back again later for a second look when you are a bit calmer.

9. Don’t even think of … using any of the following: profanity, threats, abusive language, racial slurs or insults. Never use a review as a form of blackmail. Links promoting your own business, someone else’s business or any other commercial content are not allowed. You risk having your review removed and/or your account suspended. 

10. We’re a community . Lastly, let’s all keep in mind that our main goal is to help the wider community in having a great kosher experience. Let’s all give a little in order to get back.