Uploads Guide and Help

The Kosher Review encourages and value your photo contributions however we also want to maintain standards across the website. As well as complying with our User Content Agreement please familiarize yourself with the information below on photo upload guidelines.

Family friendly

We do not allow any photography that you wouldn’t want your kids to see. Whilst this is a broad description, please use common sense. We will use our discretion to immediately remove, without warning, any images that we feel contravenes this. Additionally, we may suspend the account of any user that uploads such material.


If you do not have permission from the owner, or your image infringes on copyright rules, you may not upload it.


Whilst we understand that the majority of photographic content uploaded will be taken in the public domain, please be conscious of the privacy of your subjects. Do not upload images which have been taken in an area where photography is forbidden.

No ads or commercial content

Images may not contain any direct advertisement, commercial content, logos or links to other websites and businesses.

Photo quality

So that your images will be considered to be featured please adhere to the following guidelines on image quality:

- Images should be clear and bright. No blurry or dark images please.

- Images should be rotated to the correct orientation before uploading. We accept images in portrait, landscape and square formats, however we recommend landscape as this will display best.

- If it is not obvious from the image what it depicts, leave it out!

For best image quality, photos should be:

  • - Minimum 350dpi
  • - Not exceeding 10mb in size
  • - Be in a .jpeg, .png or .bmp format.

Images will be scaled to size by the system.